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There are many ways you can support Lisa’s Ladybugs. 

Want to do a lot of good with a little of your time? Whether it’s giving a cancer patient a ride to chemotherapy, helping at an event, or sending an email to friends and family about our cancer screening guidelines, there are multiple ways you can join the fight against cancer.

Lisa’s Ladybug Patient Care Fund has been established to help those in need dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  Our mission is to provide individuals and their families affected by cancer, with positive support and services in our community.  Our dream is to have a network of people who volunteer to cook meals, clean homes, mow grass, clean off sidewalks, do odd jobs, and just help out those in our community that are suffering due to this terrible disease.  Financial help will also be available and we are hoping to team up with local pharmacies to help reduce the cost of some of these lifesaving medications, and to be able to help those who need the help with getting the medicines, transportation, and child care at a local facility that they need.  Our dreams are big, but we are strong and we will achieve.

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